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Camp more often, and for longer!

Riptide Teardrop Campers are fully self-contained, with a comfortable queen bed, TV, stereo, fridge, cook top, ample storage, power, water and much more. This means that when you decide to go away, you can basically hitch up and go.
Not only that, we bet you'll use it twice as much compared with a tent camper trailer, just because it’s so simple, hassle free and fun!
Because there is no set up time when you get there, you can go whenever you want. Don’t wait until Saturday morning! Go on Friday night… You won’t have to set up a tent or tent trailer in the dark when you get there. You just pull up, open the hatch and pour yourselves a well-deserved drink! You deserve it!
All Riptide Teardrop Campers are covered by a 2 YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.

Why Teardrop.JPG

Why Teardrop Campers?

Frustrated with tents and blowing up air mattresses and alike, we started looking for an easier way – A tent camper trailer?
We soon found that this too had its limitations… The set-up and pack-up times, assess to your stuff when you're not camping and the inevitably packing up wet canvas at the end of the trip, and having to set up again in the front yard was just not for us. We wanted a camper you could just hitch up... and go, that's when we came across the Teardrop Camper concept. Simple, effective and NO CANVAS with the added benefit of a comfortable bed!
What was not to like?

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Australian Made

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! We are all Australian Designed, Manufactured and Owned. In a time where more and more camper trailers are being imported from China, we are proud to bring this great local product to you! We want you to enjoy your Riptide Camper, and the whole experience as much as we do!
Only the best available materials and components are sourced… Australian steel, Al-Ko and Timbren suspensions, marine grade Birch plywood imported from Finland, TV’s and fridges are RV specific equipment that are more durable and draw less power than the domestic products used by many manufacturers. We regard quality of build as number 1 priority.



Our teardrop campers are manufactured in Arundel Qld (On the Beautiful Gold Coast)!

Our Campers have been sent to the far reaches of the Country, (and also NZ!). They are designed to endure the worst conditions that Mother Nature can throw at them. They travel the far reaches of this great but harsh country.


We know this is a competitive market and becoming more so every day. But by building quality products and listening and reacting to our Customers needs, we believe that we will flourish. You the customer are the lifeblood of our company and we will endeavour in every way to ensure you have a great experience with us from the very beginning!

Your ultimate camping experience is merely a phone call away, and we're happy to discuss any requests or additions you may like to make, after all, it's yours.

Please come join us?

We are always heading out for the weekend somewhere in the great outdoors... Follow us on Facebook so you know where we're heading, then come have a drink with us!

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