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Read more below, our quality is #1 for comfort, confidence, piece of mind and resale value

Low Maintenance

We have designed our campers for the lowest possible maintenance. No upkeep of external varnished timbers or slide out seals required.


First and for-mostly, camping has to be fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately, you won’t know just how much fun a Riptide camper is until you try it!

User Friendly

Loads of space, queen size beds, kitchens with everything, electronic switching with touchscreen controls, light and easy to tow, and no set up time, the list goes on!


This is where w really excel! Imagine you’re out camping with your bread, sausages, onions, potatoes, salads, sauces, cutlery, crockery, paper towels, glad wrap, foil, oil etc. Now… Where does it all go?

Easy to Store

Unlike many other campers and motor homes; a Riptide camper is very maneuverable, and will fit in even the smallest of places beside the house or garage.


All the comforts of a much larger van. Queen bed with 5″ foam or 6″ Innerspring, TV, Stereo, USB Ports, roof vent with 6 speed fan and insulated roof.


Well it speaks for itself! The Teardrop style has been around since the 30’s. Classic or modern… We have a compact camper for you.



Company Founder and Director, David Ede worked for over 25 years in the luxury boat building industry on Queensland’s Gold Coast, learning and refining the skills that have now realised the development of Riptide Campers.



Aldo Gucci - 1938

We all know quality costs more, and we do not apologise for this. But to make a lesser quality product is not our style. We would rather fit a ADR compliant LED tail light made in Australia, than a much cheaper imported one (even though probably on one would give it a second thought?) We both know AND care!


The Birch plywood we construct our campers from, is imported from Finland and has the reputation of being the best in the world. We do not use cheap Luan ply from Malaysia, nor hardwood ply, nor so called "Exterior Grade" plywoods as they warp, twist and delaminate. The quality is not contestant enough and the harsh Australian climate does take it's toll.

Our campers are fully designed in CAD, modeled in 3D, and components all cut by CNC Router or laser, to ensure precision fit and finish of all components.
The Off Road Models have been developed to ensure long life, durability and best possible resale value at the end of the day.

Structural integrity is achieved with each CNC router cut panel and bulkhead, dado or tenon jointed into one another to ensure the strongest possible structure. The body of the teardrop camper effectively becomes a monocoque structure. For this reason we can confidently offer a 2 year structural warranty*

In the photo to the left you can see how each plywood component is tenoned into the side walls (and each other). This becomes an unbelievably strong monocoque type structure.
Please note ALL our panels (Side walls etc) are one piece, and not joined or butted together as some do.


Every new type of product is prototyped and tested before it goes into production. Here you can see MkII Off Road camper in development.

Only the best quality components and materials are used: Australian Steel, Timbren and AL-KO suspensions, Engel and Waeco fridges Doors with deadlocks from the USA, Only LED Lights used throughout, and the list goes on and on…

Chassis design and fabrication are the backbone of every camper. All steel is Australian, and is fabricated by qualified tradesmen.


Another example of the quality of construction Riptide Campers pride ourselves on. These are the draws from the Off Road Models. Like the rest of the product, made from Birch marine ply, tenoned joints and built for life in the outdoors!

More tenoned joints in our cabinets. This time in the kitchen roll top units.
Just some of the quality that goes into our campers that you probably will NEVER SEE!


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